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St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding areas have an excellent public water system, and by and large your drinking water shouldn’t experience any problems. But we also live in a very wet and humid part of the world, and that means that mold and bacteria are always potential problems. Then there’s the issue of hard water with a lot of mineral content, which isn’t harmful, but can cause problems with your laundry, your shower and other key parts of your home.

The good news is that you have options. Water softeners and other water treatment systems can remove the dangers of bacteria, hard water and similar problems, helping your home enjoy cleaner water and a higher standard of life overall. Our trained staff is standing by, so give us a call. We can discuss your options with you and find the right water treatment system for your home!

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Drinking Water Becomes Healthier and Tastier

Take a little test. Fill an ice cube tray with water from the civic system, out of your tap. Then fill another tray with filtered water purchased from the store. When the ice freezes, you’ll notice the store–bought ice is much cleared than the one from the faucet. That’s what a water filtration system can do for you: making drinking water and cooking water cleaner, tastier and healthier. Whether it’s a water softener designed for removing hard water or a more extensive system designed to treat mold or bacteria, we’ll make sure your drinking water is kept safe and clean.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reserve osmosis systems are highly recommended. It passes the water through activated carbon, filtering our chlorine, pesticides, biological contaminants and other undesirable components in your water. The carbon filtering is accompanied by a membrane that removes sodium and similar contaminants, leaving your water as pure as it can be and ready to drink!

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Water Softeners

If hard water is your primary concern, we strongly suggest a water softener, which removes deposits of calcium, magnesium and other minerals from the water. That prevents the crusty white build–up from forming on your shows and faucet heads, as well as making bathing more pleasant, reducing wear and tear on laundered clothes and helping drinking water taste cleaner.

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Water Testing

If you’re not sure what kinds of contaminants are in your water, a water testing service is just what you need. The technician takes samples and can provide a detailed report on the content, alerting you to specific dangers and providing a road map for a solution. This is especially important if you get your water from a well or similar source outside the civic system.

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Bathing and Laundry Cleaning Becomes Easier

Hard water can impact your baths and showers too, both by making your skin feel red and raw, and in creating those crusty white deposits you find on your faucet head or shower head. That same build–up can subtly affect your laundry. Hard water has a way of making clothes fad and reducing their longevity. In both cases, a water softener or similar water filtration system on your St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Largo FL home can make all the difference in the world. When installed, it helps your bathing become more refreshing and your clothes look brighter and last longer. Contact your trusted plumber in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Largo FL today to discuss the details. You’ll be glad you did!

Water Filtration Systems are Vital for Well Water

If you get your water from a private well or somewhere else off the St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Largo FL civic system, then you need a water filtration system to keep your water clean. Wells and similar sources lack the safeguards of a civic system, making them more vulnerable to germs and bacteria as well as hard water deposits. At Joe Cool Home Services, we can install a comprehensive water filtration system, removing any and all impurities to keep your and your family healthy and safe. We can also perform periodic testing to ensure that your water filtration system remains on the job at all time. We pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time, every time, so give us a call today!

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