You rely on your air conditioning system and, to a lesser extent, your heater, in order to live comfortably in your home throughout the year. Chances are that you, like so many other homeowners throughout the area, utilize ductwork in order to distribute heated and/or cooled air throughout your home. While this can be a very effective means by which to do so, it also has its limitations. Namely, you just may not want to heat or cool your entire home to one specific temperature throughout. What many homeowners fail to realize is that they actually do not have to do this.

By using a zone control system in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Largo FL, you can take greater control than ever before over the way in which you heat and cool your home. Of course, it is necessary that you schedule your zone control system installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services with skilled, trained professionals if you hope for your system to function properly. Contact Joe Cool Home Services to schedule service, and this is guaranteed to be the case.

Joe Cool Home Services provides zone control system services near St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Largo FL and the surrounding areas.

What Is a Zone Control System?

Before you can decide if a zone control system is really right for your home, you must first better understand just what such a system consists of. A zone control system is made up of a few key components: a central control panel, electronic dampers, and thermostats. The thermostats can be of any basic make or model, really, and are used the same as they would be in a non–zoned system. However, they are wired into the central control panel, as are the electronic dampers in the system.

By adjusting any given thermostat – there will be one installed in each temperature zone – you can regulate the temperature within that one zone independently of the others throughout the house. Depending upon the temperature that you set, the corresponding damper will adjust accordingly. If more conditioned air is needed, it allows more through. If you don’t need as much conditioned air in order to reach your target temperature, then the damper will close off as needed, stemming the airflow to that area.

Benefits of Using a Zone Control System

Using a zone control system can benefit homeowners in many ways. First and foremost, it is a great way in which to ensure that everyone living under your roof is comfortable. Different people are comfortable at different temperatures, and you have likely heard some arguments about thermostat settings in your time. Zone controlled heating and cooling can help you to avoid any such problems.

Additionally, a zone control system can help you to cut down on heating and cooling costs. If you don’t use this type of system, then you have to heat and cool unoccupied areas of your home just as much as those that are occupied. By giving you the option to maintain more moderate temperatures in unused areas, a zone control system can help you to heat and cool your home more efficiently. It can also cut down on wear and tear to your HVAC system. Contact us to learn more.