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Did you know that faulty ductwork can account for up to 30% of your home’s total air loss? That’s like having a window open in your home 24 hours a day, 7 days week, while your heating or air conditioning is on. Faulty ductwork can lead to tremendous energy loss, not to mention a host of other problems, which is why it’s important to have your ductwork sealed – but not by just anyone. The indoor air quality specialists at Joe Cool Home Services are experts at duct sealing and can help your ductwork regain its performance and efficiency.

For many people, duct sealing is essentially putting a piece of duct tape over a problem area in your ductwork; but this is not duct sealing. In fact, putting duct tape on your ductwork doesn’t help seal the ducts and makes a mess, because within a few months, the glue of the tape breaks down, leaving everything sticky except the duct tape. Avoid the mess and inefficiency and call us. We’ll make sure your ductwork is sealed correctly and for the long-term so that you can enjoy the comfort your HVAC system has to offer.

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What Is Duct Sealing and How Is It Done?

Professional duct sealing is comprised of a few steps and specific materials that create a hard yet flexible seal on the faulty areas of your ductwork. The first step your Joe Cool Home Services technician will take will be a thorough inspection of your duct system; s/he will do this in order to assess all the areas that need sealing. Once these locations have been pinpointed, the work will begin. The process starts with the application of a fibrous adhesive called mastic. Mastic is brushed on with a paint brush and a piece of foil or fiberglass tape is placed on top of the mastic to help bond the seal. The mastic is left to cure into a hard seal that has the capability to expand and contract with the ductwork. This process is performed on all problematic areas, including broken seals.

What Can I Expect to Gain from Duct Sealing?

Why seal your ductwork? Here are some of the benefits you can achieve:

  • Increases Your Energy Efficiency – if your faulty ductwork was like having a window open all the time, duct sealing effectively closes it. Imagine getting 30% of your home energy efficiency back!
  • Increases Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality – not only does air escape from your ductwork, outdoor air that contains pollutants, germs and allergens can enter and have a direct path right to your living spaces. Sealing your ducts stops this direct access immediately.
  • Takes the Excess Stress Off Your HVAC System – when you lose a significant amount of air to faulty ductwork, your HVAC system will compensate for this by working harder. This excess work puts a great deal of wear and tear on your system that can make it more prone to malfunction and breakdown.

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