Joe Cool Home Services Community Involvement in Dunedin, FL


At Joe Cool Home Services, we pride ourselves on being heavily involved in community activities along Florida’s Gulf Coast.  We strive to be more than just another air conditioning and heating company in Florida.  We attend little league baseball games in the Dunedin area, and support local teams.  Our 15 years of experience have showed us that our customers and members of our community are our number one priority.

We keep this in mind when performing our cooling and heating work, and we always aim to provide top level customer service every time with no exceptions!  We have hundreds of active customers right now.  Whether you live in a manufactured home, a condo, a house, or even a mansion, we are skilled and dedicated to integrity.


Dunedin AC Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Being along the Gulf Coast, we tend to experience chiller weather than other areas of Florida during the winter months, but we all know how unbearable the heat could be in the middle of summer.  Keep your air conditioning unit fully tuned up with our maintenance services.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Keep your air conditioner running smoothly with regularly scheduled maintenance from the experts at Joe Cool Home Services.

Along with AC maintenance, we also offer quality repair services.  If you’re noticing issues with your system, don’t let them linger!  Call us at (727) 258-2184 immediately before the problem goes too far.  Our professional NATE certified technicians will diagnose the situation, and determine what repairs need to be made.

Unfortunately, the day will eventually come when your air conditioning unit will need to get replaced.  Even the best units that have been properly maintained have a limited lifespan.  When that time comes, you could count on Joe Cool Home Services to install a new AC system to keep you feeling more comfortable than ever.  Newer air conditioners are more energy efficient, and will save you money in the long run.  Our experts will determine what will work best for you and your home.

New air conditioning systems must be permitted by the Dunedin building department, and inspected after the installation.  Be sure you have a copy at your house so when the city comes out to inspect, you could be sure the work was done right, and meets/exceeds all codes.

Heating Services in Dunedin, FL

In the Dunedin area, we experience some chilly nights during the winter.  As important as it is to keep your air conditioning unit maintained and running properly, it’s just as important to have your heating system regularly serviced.  We provide furnace maintenance that will help to find safety risks, avoid future issues, and keep your home comfortable and safe.

We also offer heating repair and installation, so if your furnace is giving you trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our professional technicians will make the necessary repairs, and determine when it’s finally time to replace your old heating system.

Plumbing Repair & Maintenance Services

Joe Cool Home Services is a fully licensed plumbing contractor, and we are able to handle anything from a small water leak to a whole house re-pipe.  No matter what size problem you have, we are skilled in providing the right solution.  Whether it’s a leaky faucet, or a full sewer replacement, you could count on our professional plumbing services to get it resolved.

Along with plumbing, we also provide water treatment services throughout the Dunedin area.  We could test your water, install water softeners, install and replace drains, and take other measure to make sure that your drinking water is clean and healthy.

Located just minutes away from 580/Main Street, we proudly serve all the residents of Dunedin.  We’re just minutes away from anywhere in Dunedin, and ready to serve you when you need us.  Our trucks are just around the corner no matter when you call.