Serving the Seminole, FL CommunityCity of Seminole

Joe Cool Home Services has been in business since 2001, and we are honored to serve 223 customers in Seminole.  We have had numerous employees live and work in Seminole.  In fact, one of the former owners lived in Seminole, which made it a natural place to start a business.  Central Pinellas is known for one community next door to others.  We travel through Seminole everyday to serve its customers and those in surrounding towns.

Seminole is located in a great place between the big city activities of St. Pete and the relaxing climate of the Gulf Beaches.  We love it, because it comes with all of the expected amenities of a modern suburb without all of the traffic and other problems associate with city life.  As everyone who lives in this area knows, Seminole residents are able to enjoy the best that life has to offer along the Suncoast.

AC Service & Maintenance in Seminole, FL

Seminole Isle

We have more than 200 active customers right now in Seminole.  From Bardmoor to Lake Seminole Estates and the Bayou Club to Holiday Village along with all homeowners in between, we are in your neighborhood and we know your neighbors.  Whether you live in a manufactured home, a condo, or a house, we are skilled, dedicated to integrity, and ready to serve you when the need arises.  Even if you live in a mansion, we’re ready to take on air conditioning repairsservice, or installationrequests.

All air conditioning system replacements must be permitted.  Make sure to get a copy at your house so when the city comes out to inspect, you could be comfortable the work was done up to building code.

Water Treatment Quality & Plumbing ServicesCity of Seminole - Art in the Park

Seminole and surrounding towns have very hard water, and our water softeners and drinking water treatment systems will change your house for the better.  It’s amazing what we could do with your nasty Florida water to improve your quality of living!  We have great plumbing services from leaky faucets to full sewer replacement, or just a water heater.  We will be able to get you back to operation with convenience.

We always have trucks that are always nearby, fully stocked, and ready to service your needs.


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