Treasure Island, FL Services Provided by Joe Cool Home Services

Thunderbird Beach Resort

At Joe Cool Home Services, we are honored to serve more than 100 customers in Treasure Island.  We have been servicing this area since we started back in 2001, and have made repairs to broken systems, provided regular maintenance, and replaced entire systems.  We enjoy providing top level professional service to our friends and neighbors throughout the Treasure Island area.

In addition to providing services to our customers in Treasure Island, everyone at Joe Cool Home Services loves spending time in this area.  Treasure Island’s Master Cup Sand Sculpting Competition and Music Festival called “Sanding Ovations” is one of our favorite things.  The creativity and imagination of sand sculpting master competing from all over the world is a joy to see.

AC Installation, Repair & Service in Treasure Island

Whether you’re looking to have your AC unit serviced, you’re having an issue with your air conditioner that you need repaired, or you’ve determined that it’s time for a new air conditioning system, Joe Cool Home Services is ready to take on the job!  We are fully equipped, and Treasure Islandavailable to handle requests whenever they arrive.  Our trucks are always on the road, and are ready to come to your house in Treasure Island to ensure that you’re feeling cool and comfortable again.  When it gets hot, it’s extremely important to have experts on the job to solve your AC problem.  Don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of your air conditioning needs.  All air conditioning system replacements must be permitted, so make sure to get a copy at your house.  This way, when the city comes out to inspect, you could be comfortable the work was done up to building code.

Plumbing Service, Repair & Water Treatment

At Joe Cool Home Services, we are fully licensed in plumbing.  We could handle anything from the smallest water leak to a whole house re-pipe.  Call us for water heater repair, or installation, and other water treatment services.  Whether it’s a leaky faucet, or full sewer replacement, our plumbing experts will address and fix your problem.  We have trucks ready for 24-7 emergency services in the Treasure Island, FL area.