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You may be familiar with hard water, and you may even know that you have hard water in your home. You may also be under the false impression that hard water is not really that serious of a concern. Well, we’re here to tell you that we’ve been called out on countless service calls to make repairs that could have been avoided by eliminating the hard water in those customers’ home. Hard water is much more of a problem than you may realize, and it is one that we can help you to resolve.

When you work with the professional plumbers at Joe Cool Home Services, you can rest assured in knowing that your plumbing system and all of the components it comprises are in the most skilled of hands. The best way in which to combat hard water and the negative impact it can have on a system is with the use of a whole-house water softener. If you stand to benefit from the use of such a system, we’re the pros that you want handling all of its installation and service needs.

Joe Cool Home Services installs and services water softeners in Pinellas Park, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, Largo, FL, Lealman, FL, Seminole, FL, St. Pete Beach, FL, Treasure Island, FL, Kenneth City, FL, Highpoint, FL, Feather Sound, FL, South Pasadena, FL, and the surrounding areas.

What Exactly Constitutes Hard Water?

The easiest sign to spot indicating that you have hard water in your home is the buildup of white and green sediment on your plumbing fixtures. This buildup, or scale, is indicative of excessive mineral concentrations in your water. These will typically include calcium and magnesium, but may not be limited to those minerals.

We will note that hard water is not inherently dangerous, and doesn’t pose a risk to your safety, really. It can, however, lead to many frustrations, including the aforementioned, unsightly buildup, trouble getting a good lather or rinse in the shower, and a stubborn film on your plumbing fixtures. Your laundry will also be negatively affected, even with regular washing, and your tap water, while safe, may have an unpleasant, metallic taste to it. Using a water softener helps to alleviate all of these symptoms.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Residential water softeners typically work by an ion exchange process. Essentially, the water softener is plumbed into your residential plumbing system, and utilizes a mineral tank that is filled with beads. As the hard water passes through this tank, the minerals causing the hardness are drawn out, replaced with sodium ions. This ion exchange can benefit your plumbing system as a whole greatly. As mentioned above, there are a lot of issues with using hard water in your home. What we didn’t mention, though, is the toll that hard water can take on your plumbing system itself. The minerals can build up within pipes, restricting water flow and leading to pressure imbalances. Over time, serious issues can develop with your system as a result.

We Install and Service Water Softeners

This should really go without saying, but it is not feasible for the average homeowner to install his or her own water softener. Handy as you may be, this is most definitely a job that should be reserved for a professional plumber. Dial our number to work with such a professional. We have plenty of experience with the installation of water softeners, as well as any maintenance or repair services that your water softener may require. With Joe Cool Home Services on your side, you can count on enjoying water of the exceptional quality that we know you deserve.

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